The Benefits Of Your Autistic Child Seeing A Speech Therapist

As the parent of a child with autism, there are plenty of different special considerations you will have to make, such as having your child sign up for classes that are directed toward helping children with autism develop. This can include specialized swimming classes, specialized dance classes, and more. Another area that you must consider when you have a child with autism is having them take specialized speech therapy classes. Here are the benefits for having your autistic child do this:

Learn Non-Verbal Communication:

Some children with autism don't do well with regular communication. This means that the child will probably have difficulties trying to get across to certain people. This can lead to frustration that could otherwise be avoided with non-verbal communication. If the child is having a hard time getting across what they want to another person, they can fall back to what skills they have learned from a speech therapist for relaying non-verbal communication. This includes making gestures to indicate a need or a want, as well as utilizing any pictures that may be around. For example, if the child needs to use the restroom, they can point to a bathroom sign to indicate their need to use it. 

Learn Speech Pragmatics:

Children with autism often don't know how to speak to certain people or when they should say something. For example, an autistic child could know how to say good morning but probably won't know when it is appropriate to say it and who it is appropriate to say it to. Learning speech pragmatics can help them to better understand this. 

Learn How to Have Conversations:

Another area of speech that autistic children have trouble with is being able to hold a conversation. Small talk often doesn't make sense to them and they feel that it is unnecessary, so they just will avoid it. A speech therapist will help the child to make this small talk and help them understand what types of questions and statements are appropriate to make. 

Learn Concept Skills:

There are certain concepts that autistic children have a difficult time understanding. For example, they may hear someone say something like, "there are a few ducks here at the pond," which doesn't make sense to them because the child probably sees more than just three ducks. Concepts such as these are misunderstood in their minds. A speech therapist will help them to understand why these concepts may be said when they aren't actually being used in what would be considered "correct."

Overall, a speech therapist (like those at ABC Pediatric Therapy) can be really helpful with your autistic child's communicative development. Once they reach the age of adulthood, many will have an easier time having normal conversations.