The Top Causes Of Work Stress

Work stress is not uncommon. At some point in time or another, most people's job or work environment will cause them some sort of stress. Most people are able to deal with the stress and work through it. Unfortunately, some work stress lingers and begins to impact a person when they are at work and when they are at home. They cannot seem to overcome it, and it becomes a dark cloud looming over them. Here are a few of the top causes of work stress. 

A Large Workload

One of the top causes of work stress is having a large workload. Maybe an employee recently left the company and you are responsible for their workload and your own, or maybe your boss has unrealistic expectations as to what can get done in one day. If you have a high workload, you may be stressed out about working long hours and/or getting all of the work done. If the work does not get done, you may feel like you are failing at your job, even though the workload is too high for one person. 

Conflicts With Bosses and Co-Workers

Another common cause of work stress is conflicts with your boss or co-workers. Not everyone has the same personality type or sees eye-to-eye. There are some people you get along better with than others. Having to work alongside someone who you may have personality conflicts with can lead to workplace conflicts and stress. 

Instability Within the Workplace

The final common cause of work stress is having a job that has a lot of instability within the workplace. Perhaps the company itself is not stable, and people wonder if the company will close its door. Your position may be at risk of being eliminated, which may leave you wondering whether you'll have a job in a week or month. Or your job may have a lot of turnover. Employees may be constantly coming and going, which can make it challenging to effectively get work done when there are always new employees who may not be up to speed. 

If you are suffering from work stress that is impacting your work life and home life, and you are unable to work through it on your own, work stress therapy may be perfect for you. Work stress therapy helps you to cope with the stressors at work that are impacting you and teaches you how to leave work stress at work. Contact a counseling clinic like Darling Psychology in your area today to learn more about work stress therapy or to schedule an appointment.