4 Key Facts About Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment

Outpatient drug addiction treatment will give you the tools you need to reclaim control of your life. It's the perfect solution for drug addicts who can't commit to inpatient treatment due to job or family commitments. Outpatient treatment is intensive enough to offer results, while still allowing you to live at your usual place of residence. Here are four key things you should learn about outpatient treatment services:

1. It requires continued dedication.

Outpatient drug addiction treatment is a good choice for you if you're committed to working through your addiction. During an outpatient program, you won't live at the treatment facility. Instead, you will commute to the facility for all your appointments, which will likely be daily, at least initially. The success of your treatment will depend on your continued commitment. If you're serious about discontinuing drug use, you'll need to attend every appointment without fail.

2. It is heavily focused on counseling.

Outpatient treatment programs place a high emphasis on addiction counseling. People in outpatient programs may not have severe forms of addiction that put them at risk for dangerous withdrawals, so treatment is less pharmaceutical-based. You may not need to go through a detox period, depending on the severity of your addiction. However, you will need to work through the emotional issues that led you to drug use.

Participating in addiction counseling may be uncomfortable at times. You'll have to explore many feelings that you may not want to examine. Still, being honest with yourself is the first step to conquering your emotional problems in a healthy way that does not involve drug use.

3. It can help you build a support system.

It's very difficult for people to overcome addiction on their own. In order to succeed, most people need a support system around them. If you have family members active in your life, your outpatient counselor can help you work with them to include them in your treatment plan. You'll also develop a support system from the treatment program itself, including counselors, doctors, and nurses who want to help you.

4. It will teach you how to avoid relapsing.

Relapsing is unfortunately common among drug addicts. Many drugs are highly addictive, and it's all too easy to start using again. You can safeguard against relapse by learning how to avoid the conditions that lead to temptation. Outpatient treatment programs focus on helping patients live in the real world. Your addiction counselor will suggest you avoid things that made you want to use drugs in the past. You may need to avoid certain friends, situations, or locations.