Support Your Transgender Teen: Why LGBTQ Support Therapy Is So Important

If your teen has come out as transgender, they need your support. But, they also need counseling services. If you're giving them loving support, you might not think your teen needs LGBTQ support therapy. That's not the case though. Your teen needs all the support they can get now that they're transitioning. That's where LGBTQ therapy comes into the picture. LGBTQ therapy can help your teen through issues that affect their mental health. 

School Bullying 

If your teen is transgender, there's a chance they've gotten bullied at school. A CDC report shows that 43% of transgender youth have gotten bullied on school property. And, about 29% of transgender youth have attempted suicide. Bullying is a serious threat to your transgender teen's mental health. That's why LGBTQ therapy is so important. LGBTQ therapy gives your teen the tools they need to stay strong amidst peer bullying. It also helps them know what to do when they fall victim to gender-related bullying. 


If your teen is transitioning, misgendering can be a serious problem. It's not uncommon for transgender teens to get misgendered. Misgendering occurs when the wrong pronouns or gender are used. Or, when a dead name gets used instead of the new name. Misgendering can affect your teen's mental health and self-esteem. It can also affect their identity. If your teen is getting misgendered, it's time to get them the help they need. It's time to find LGBTQ support therapy for them. 

Family Issues 

If you're supporting your transgender teen, you might think that's enough. Unfortunately, that might not be the case. That's especially true if the rest of the family is being less-than-supportive. Family issues can create a hostile environment for transgender teens. LGBTQ therapy can help your teen cope with family conflict. But, LGBTQ therapy can also help your family overcome biases. 

Peer Support

If your teen is transgender, they may have a hard time finding peer support at school. Unfortunately, a lack of peer support can leave your teen feeling alone and isolated. That's why you need to find LGBTQ support therapy for your teen. LGBTQ support therapy puts your teen in contact with other teens who are navigating the same obstacles. Support groups let your teen develop healthy relationships with other teens who understand what they're going through. Support groups also allow your teen to provide peer support to teens who are starting on their journey. 

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